Learn the fundamentals for training unbreakable athletes. Leave your laptop at home.

In-Person Intensive

A 3-day hands-on crash course. Learn evolved coaching fundamentals and their application in real time. Your athletes and cases will form the backbone of the course. You leave prepared to immediately help your athletes.

This course is custom built for the coaches who want to get their hands dirty. Bring your cases and come ready to move. You'll learn through short lectures, but we'll spend most of our time on our feet, knees, backs, and whatever else you need.


July 26-28, 2024

Class Times:

All days 9-330ish

Future Course Details

October 11-13, 2024

Class Times:

All days 930-3ish


We will flow from lecture to practice with as much hands-on work as possible. You will learn through the movement of the body--mine, yours, or an athletes.

*Course structure will evolve based on your cases and athletes.

Day 1
1. How you evolved to move.
We will study three primary patterns of movement:
- Aquatic
- Quadrupedal
- Bipedal
You will learn how to evolve the movement of your athletes.
Ex: How to take an athlete with an aquatic movement and make them move like a human again.
2. Degeneracy: How movement devolves.
3. Movement patterns of life on Earth.
As complex organisms, humans preserve previous patterns of movement as redundancies in case of emergencies. Humans can devolve their movement. But if they do it for too long, their risk of injury skyrockets.
Day 2
1. Tendon health: assessment and performance factors for connective tissue.
- Emphasis on: achilles, knee, hamstring, rotator cuff, labrum, and bicep.
- Learn year-round programming for healing and injury prevention.
2. Special emphasis on shoulder, ankle, and foot.
- Discover the archeological evidence that shows us how human feet and ankles should move.
Athletes need personalized solutions
3. Intro to integration
- Evaluating and training in real time.
Day 3
No theory. All practice.
- Real cases.
- Real applications.
- Bring your own!
Fewer injured athletes. Better performance.
Day 4+
Start getting results like these:
Wes Schweitzer

NFL Lineman

Former 6th round pick.

Became one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL.

Zero non-contact injurises in the five years since starting evolved coaching.

Mitch Haniger

MLB All Star

Returned to the starting lineup after two years on the IR.

Hit 33% more homeruns.

His body feels "better than ever."

Alix Wilkinson

USA Ski Team

Suffered from chronic back pain for years.

Now skis pain free.

In first pain-free year went from developmental team to the 2022 Winter Olympic team.

TODAY: Choose to become unbreakable.

Stop accepting injuries "just happen." Commit to yourself and your athletes.
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