Learn to build unbreakable athletes through practical, personal, online instruction--with the innovator of Evolved Coaching.

Online Mentorship Course

8-week comprehensive, bespoke training based on your cases and your needs. You'll learn how to think like an evolved coach: the vocabulary, the problem-solving mindset, the outcomes. Your cases will form the backbone of this course.

This isn't a one-size-fits all template. It's a complete shift in mindset led by the innovator of evolved coaching himself. You get prescribed feedback and instruction for your athletes from the expert.

This course is for experienced coaches looking to elevate their businesses and find an edge for their athletes. And new practitioners eager to to start their careers with a leg up.  


or $625/mo. for 4 months*
*Contact Me for Payment Plan Option

COURSE Details.

8-Week Live Course

July 1 - August 23, 2024
September 23 - November 15, 2024

Class Schedule

Monday - Friday

9am - 1030am MST

Can't make these dates? Stay tuned. More courses coming for 2024.


This may be an online course, but don't expect to sit back and watch. Your participation is what drives the instruction. Every lecture is tailored to the coaches present and their specific cases.

*Course will evolve in real-time based on your input.

Weeks 1 & 2
1. Learn the evolved vocabulary
Before we start problem solving, we have to speak the same lingo.
2. Define movement patterns
- Aquatic
- Quadrupedal
- Bipedal
3. "Stuff touchers"
A very scientific way to describe how our hands and thumbs make us unique and affect how our elbows and shoulders function.
Week 3
1. Begin Case Studies
Wherever possible these will be based on your athletes and cases.
Learn the underlying principle behind all movement patterns, how it effects upper body, lower body, and foot, and how to apply it.
2. What is Tensegrity?
Better quality of life for coaches and athletes
3. Reading Skin
Learn to discern details of how skin folds, stretches, and blanches to evaluate your clients on a level you’ve never imagined.
Week 4
1. SC and AC joints, and collarbones.
2. Obsessing over feet.
Look, this is gonna get weird for some people, but we'll push through.
3. Armpits
The place you never looked to evaluate the state of a shoulder. Virtual has its benefits.
Week 5
1. Hip-hinging patterns.
Uprighting the spine makes us human, after all.
2. Squat patterns.
3. Running.
3. Push-ups.
According to evolution, not Arnold.
Week 6
1. Torso, spine, and ribcage.
2. Tendon health.
3. Evaluation.
Time to put it all together.
Week 7 & 8
Navy SEALs have hell week. My version is "YOU weeks."
This week is about applying what you've learned to your personal cases and clients.
1. You.
You will become a practitioner of Evolved Coaching by identifying the problem and working through it. This is your chance to learn through practical application.
2. Your clients.
Your clients become the backbone of the curriculum. Their ongoing struggles and nagging injuries will inform the course forward. Next time you see them, you'll have a new gameplan to help.

TODAY: Choose to become unbreakable.

Stop accepting injuries "just happen." Commit to yourself and your athletes.
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